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Using ChatMart for Quick Building

A One-Stop Solution for End-to-End Consultation to Marketing

Document Summary/Dialogue

Generate summaries and abstracts for any document, extracting key information and summarizing answers, eliminating the need for time-consuming reading and comprehension of complex documents.

Knowledge Sharing

Allow anyone to obtain answers from your knowledge base, whether it's yourself or others.

Paper/Report Research

Query and analyze viewpoints and arguments in papers/reports, and also refer to materials for rewriting, topic selection suggestions, etc., to improve efficiency in writing and research.

Teaching Assistant

Transform your teaching materials into a 24/7 assistant, providing students with access to learning and feedback anytime, thus improving the quality of teaching.

Corporate Training

Always ready to quickly answer each employee's questions in your training knowledge base, whether for new employee orientation or internal corporate training.

Customer Support

Quickly find answers to user questions in your knowledge base, respond in real time, and improve satisfaction, capable of resolving 70% of issues.

Website Search

Add AI search to your website, summarizing and generating search answers to enhance user experience.

Shopping Guide Recommendations

Analyze intentions and understand user questions to recommend appropriate products on the platform, promoting conversions.

Sales Support

Always provide product knowledge and sales strategies, as well as automatically collect potential customer information, to gain more sales leads.

ChatMart - Fulfilling All AI Chatbot Needs

Supports various types of chatbots, enabling quick creation and initiation of your conversations.

Quick Creation

Allows teams of any size to quickly build AI chatbots of any scale and complexity.

Data Source

Supports any format of data (PDF/Docx/Excel/Site...), quickly trains the bot to provide context and accurate answers to user questions.

Custom Model and Interface

Customize model commands and temperature settings, set up the bot interface to ensure it aligns with corporate response preferences and brand image.


Supports most languages, ensuring the ChatBot replies in the same language as the user for smooth communication.

Lead Collection

Customize lead capture forms to collect potential customer information and facilitate more transactions.

User Profiling

Analyzes visitor dialogues and needs to help teams uncover more conversion opportunities.

Marketing Support

Generates marketing strategies and copy automatically based on user needs to reach and further engage users.

Share or Integrate

Can be shared or integrated with your website, WeChat, WhatsApp, Shopify, WordPress, etc., for immediate user engagement.


Allows for dialogues to be called through an API, and also supports uploading your knowledge base to train the bot.

Enhance Business Efficiency

Conversion Rate

Trigger targeted conversion actions automatically by understanding user needs through interaction, effectively guiding user purchases


Provide instant and accurate responses, offering friendly answers that match the customer's tone and emotions, comprehensively boosting user satisfaction

Response Time

Achieve zero-wait real-time responses for customers, significantly improving customer engagement and interaction efficiency

How to Use

Create a chatbot in just a few minutes

Train Your Bot

Upload your data, including documents, website URLs, FAQs, and any content type; the bot will automatically train on this data

Configure Your Bot

Set the bot's tone, name, welcome message, suggested questions, etc., to maintain brand consistency

Initiate a Conversation with the Bot

Share your bot's link or integrate it into your website

They Are Using

Customer Service
Personal Assistant
Can I return a product if I bought the wrong one?
Yes, we support a 7-day no-questions-asked return and exchange policy.
ChatMart can efficiently and friendly handle customer inquiries, significantly boost satisfaction, and save on labor costs. It can also assign specific tasks to customer service agents for follow-up, allowing the team to focus on complex issues and workflow optimization.

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